Case Study: Laser Treatment for Facial Veins

Laser Treatment for Facial Veins

Complaint: Visible Facial Veins

Treatment: Endovascular Laser Treatment with Dornier Laser

Red, visible facial veins can be a troubling condition. Facial veins are rarely a medical issue. However, they can cause other life-altering effects ranging from daily annoyance to loss of self-esteem. This patient came to us hoping to remove the red spider veins (sometimes called broken veins) on her cheek. They were often difficult to cover without thick makeup application.

Evaluation & Treatment

At The Vein Institute. she was evaluated by Dr. Gardner. He determined that treatment with the Dornier Vascular Laser would be the most effective treatment.  This surface laser therapy ablates the bothersome veins by absorbing laser energy into the vessel. This heat energy eliminates the blood flow through that vein.

Results of Treatment for Facial Veins

Before and After pictures of the patient:

  • Immediately after the Procedure: The veins looked similar to a scratch, often redder than before treatment.
  • One Week Post-Treatment: She still had some crusting and redness, but a noticeable reduction of veins that were visible can be seen.
  • Two Weeks Post-Treatment: Though she still has some mild redness, there is a good clearing of the veins.

These results are typical for most patients after only one treatment.

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