Video Gallery

Our video gallery features videos to help you to better know us here at The Vein Institute, educate our community about vein health issues, and make your experience with us exceptional.

Welcome to the Vein Institute

Dr. Gardner is passionate about using minimally-invasive procedures to treat conditions such as spider veins, varicose veins, DVT, RLS, and more. In this video, Dr. Gardner tells us more about the treatments he offers and takes us inside The Vein Institute.

Spontaneous Bleeding from Venous Disorders

Dr. Gardner explains what spontaneous bleeding from vein disease is, how it develops and how it’s treated.

Lipoma Removal

Dr. Gardner explains what lipomas are as he removes several from a patient’s leg.

How the Vein Institute Helps

Dr. Gardner explains how The Vein Institute targets the source of your vein disease, then creates a custom tailored treatment plan utilizing the latest technology in minimally-invasive treatments options.

Vein Disorder Treatments

Dr. Gardner was featured on Medical Briefs with Bree to discuss the many modern options available for the treatment of vein disease.

The Vein Institute Staff

Dr. Gardner shows us what to expect when visiting The Vein Institute.

What Should I Expect After My Treatment

Watch Dr. Gardner explain what to expect after your treatment of vein disease.

How Ultrasound Can Help Diagnose Vein Disease

Watch how The Vein Institute uses ultrasound technology to detect and diagnose vein disease.

Educational – Compression Hose

Dr. Gardner demonstrates the importance of compression hose and how to make sure you have the proper fit.

Why Do I Have Veins?

Dr. Gardner discusses the top three reasons why people develop vein disease.

Patient Testimonial 1

Hear from one of our patients how Dr. Gardner and The Vein Institute helped reduce her painful vein disease symptoms.

Patient Testimonial 2

Hear from one of our patients how Dr. Gardner and The Vein Institute helped treat her vein disease.

Do I Need a Referral for Vein Treatment?

Dr. Gardner explains when a referral might be needed, how to get access to a referral, and steps to attain treatment.


Our Patient Insurance Coordinator at The Vein Institute discusses how she’s here to help navigate through your insurance benefits and can also assist in setting up a payment plan if needed.

Does Insurance Cover Vein Treatment?

Dr. Gardner discusses the qualifications for insurance to cover vein treatment, how to evaluate for those conditions, and how to schedule your free consultation.

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