Treatment for Facial Veins

Facial veins. It sounds scary. You may know them as broken blood vessels or capillaries. Others might call them small spider veins. You may have even heard them called facial telangiectasia or rosacea veins. But no matter of what you call them, they are usually by one name everyone agrees on – unwanted. They are the cause of a lot of distress for some men & women.

Facial veins come in many varieties. For instance, they often appear as tiny red veins on the nose and/or cheek area. Yet, they can also be visible as large bluish veins around the temples, eyes or nasolabial folds.

Whatever their appearance, these veins typically do not cause any medical issues. However, they have been known to cause a great deal of emotional distress. Many men and women find themselves trying to cover up facial veins with hats, hairstyles, and cover sticks. Thankfully, there are cosmetic treatments for facial veins available.

How are Facial Veins Treated?

Facial vein treatment is determined by the diameter and location of the veins. For this reason, each case should be evaluated by a vein specialist. In most cases, either sclerotherapy or laser facial therapy can be performed.

Typically, the large blue veins respond best to sclerotherapy, which is now a viable choice thanks to modern technology. Advances such as better magnification devices and smaller needles have made it possible to inject tiny facial veins. Most importantly, sclerotherapy limits the damage done to the surrounding tissue.

If the veins are too small to use sclerotherapy, laser treatments will be used. Vascular laser treatment causes the veins to collapse. This treatment causes very minimal damage to the surrounding structures.

Regardless of which treatment is chosen, the results are a smoother, more youthful appearance! You can throw away that thick cover stick. You can toss out those caps you’ve been wearing.

So, schedule a consultation today. See for yourself how we can give you back your youthful face!

“Today I see BEAUTY everywhere I go, in every FACE I see, in every single soul!” – Kevyn Aucoin

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