Case Study: Treatment for Venous Disease with Non-Healing Ulcer

Treatment for Venous Disease with Non-Healing Ulcer

Sex: Female

Age: 84

Diagnosis: Venous Disease presenting with Non-Healing Venous Ulcers

This 84-year-old female from South Pittsburg, TN presented with left leg pain and a non-healing venous ulcer at her ankle. The pain was worsening and almost unbearable.  Her ultrasound exam revealed that venous disease was responsible for her non-healing ulcer.

After making the diagnosis, Dr. Gardner started treatment for her non-healing venous ulcer by performing her endovenous procedure at our Chattanooga, TN location.  Treating her incompetent superficial veins normalized her venous pressures allowing her ulcer to heal. She was extremely happy with her results.

Venous ulcers happen when there’s a break in the skin on your leg, usually around the ankle. The veins in the leg, which typically send blood back to the heart, fail to do their work, often because the valves that stop the flow of blood back into the veins aren’t working properly.

Untreated, this backflow of blood will increased pressure at the end of the legs. When that happens, it can weaken the skin and make it harder for a cut or scrape to heal. Venous ulcers often occur over bony areas, such as your ankle.

If you have an ulcer that is not healing properly, chances are that it could be a result of venous disease. Consult your primary doctor or schedule a consultation with Dr. Gardner to find out how The Vein Institute can help you.


Endovenous Treatment Delivers Results