Case Study: Treatment of Superficial Venous Disease

Treatment of Superficial Venous Disease

Sex: Male

Age: 61

This 61-year-old male from Rossville Georgia came to Dr. Gardner with pain, swelling, and fatigue in both legs, common symptoms of superficial venous disease.  These symptoms had been progressing for many years. His job required him to sit for long hours while working on a computer.  He became concerned because his right leg began to turn red. He was diagnosed with superficial venous disease in both legs, which was worse on the right leg.

Dr. Gardner treated both of his legs using modern endovenous laser ablation procedures to eliminate his incompetent superficial veins in our Chattanooga office.  Photos were taken at 1 year. The patient reported that his swelling has not returned and his skin changes have dramatically improved. He reports he is very happy with how his legs feel.

There are three types of veins in the leg:

  • Superficial veins: visible veins within the skin or just below the skin which may include spider veins, varicose veins, and reticular veins.
  • Deep veins: the main veins which are located within the leg muscles or in the pelvis and abdomen.
  • Perforator veins: connect the superficial and deep veins.

Vein disease may affect any of these three types of vein. If you suspect you might be experiencing symptoms of superficial venous disease, please visit your primary doctor to discuss your symptoms or schedule a consultation to see Dr. Gardner today.


My swelling hasn’t returned, skin changes have dramatically approved and I’m very happy with how my legs feel now!