Case Study: Non-Healing Ulcer Before & After

Non-Healing Ulcer Before & After

Sex: Female

Age: 53

Diagnosis: Venous Insufficiency that led to Venous Ulcers

This very nice 53-year-old female patient was referred by her cardiologist with 2 non-healing ulcers, one on each leg.  She notes the open weeping ulcers have been present for the last 4 years.  She had several unsuccessful procedures performed on her by another physician.  After those procedures, she initially had some short-lived improvement in her symptoms but the ulcers never healed.  She notes debilitating leg pain that affects her ability to work. Other symptoms include aching pain, tenderness, cramping, leg swelling, itching, tingling, heaviness, and tiredness.

Non-Healing Ulcer Treatment Plan

At The Vein Institute, she was evaluated with a physical exam and ultrasound.  She was diagnosed with venous insufficiency or high pressure in the superficial veins due to faulty valves.

She underwent treatment for both legs.  Incompetent superficial veins were ablated using modern endovenous techniques. Endovenous ablation is one of the modern, less invasive treatments of venous diseases that have replaced older, more invasive treatments such as vein stripping. This treatment is a safe and effective procedure that provides dramatic improvements for a patient’s quality of life.

Endovenous Ablation

During an endovenous ablation procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic and your surgeon will make a tiny incision (usually just a needle stick) to place a catheter inside the problem vein(s). Guided by ultrasound, he will apply a layer of dilute local anesthesia around the vein to be treated.  After the vein and surrounding tissues become numb intense local heat is applied to the target veins via a laser or using radiofrequency energy. The heat will cause the vein to collapse and seal itself shut.  Dr. Gardner also provides IV sedation during endovenous ablation procedures to reduce patient anxiety.


The decreased pressure in her venous system allowed her ulcers to heal.  She has been ulcer-free for over 9 months.  Also, she notes her symptoms have resolved, enabling her to return to work pain-free.