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Your Healthy Vein Checklist

Vein problems can lead to unpleasant symptoms ranging from cosmetic issues to severe pain to spontaneous bleeding. Many people are at risk due to genetics, behavioral habits or nutritional choices. Here, Dr. Gardner shares in his Healthy Vein Checklist some things you can do to be proactive about your vein health. While these are not cures or guaranteed to prevent

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Treatment for Prominent Hand Veins

Even with the most youthful of faces, our hands are typically a sure giveaway of our actual age. Thankfully, prominent hand veins are typically caused by soft-tissue volume loss. Unsightly hand veins are rarely related to health risks such as can be the case with varicose veins. Still, anything that makes you uncomfortable that can be alleviated is worth looking

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It’s Not Vain to Take Care of Your Veins: Cosmetic Treatment for Veins

Chances are, either you or someone you care for at some point in your life will have varicose veins. About 30% of people deal with varicose veins [1] [2]. They are common, but they do not have to be your new normal. Cosmetic treatment for veins is available Let’s all agree to see varicose veins and spider veins for what

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Spring is on the Way! Are Your Legs Ready?

Spring is almost here, bringing warmer temperatures and cooler wardrobe options. But it’s hard to enjoy shorts, capris, and swimsuits when you’re not feeling confident about your legs. If unsightly veins have kept you from enjoying the latest trends or feeling comfortable in the past or have you concerned about this spring/summer, we want to help. Now is the perfect time

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