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Why Ultrasound Therapy is Vital for Detecting and Treating Vein Disease

Ultrasound procedures usually bring to mind images of expecting parents marveling at the tiny heartbeat of their unborn child. Or, later, discovering whether they will welcome a baby boy or girl into the world. Ultrasound machines can monitor the baby’s development and issues that may arise during pregnancy. But OBs aren’t the only doctors who rely on ultrasound technology. In fact,

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Spring is on the Way! Are Your Legs Ready?

Spring is almost here, bringing warmer temperatures and cooler wardrobe options. But it’s hard to enjoy shorts, capris, and swimsuits when you’re not feeling confident about your legs. If unsightly veins have kept you from enjoying the latest trends or feeling comfortable in the past or have you concerned about this spring/summer, we want to help. Now is the perfect time

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